Hero of the Days

Hero of the Days

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

Just one more chapter and Bret would be finished. The story was reaching its climax. The villain had the upper hand, and our hero was enmeshed in delays and doubt. Would he be able to save the day, and rescue his love in time? Well maybe, yes eventually the hero would win, but not now, Bret had emails to answer.

And more…

Good intentions and clear thinking on how to achieve the end result is great. We have to have a view of the end game. We have to know exactly what we seek. We have to know, like Bret, what the ending will be, and the fate of our hero. We have to be able to see around the bend and mostly we have to be committed to the outcome. Then what? Yep that’s right. We have to act.

Like standing on the edge of a diving board, we stop to measure the impact of our actions and pause. So many times, good intentions are overridden by delays, distractions and doubt. We might have the vision thing all aligned, and even a plan to achieve it, yet often it just doesn’t happen. The reason is we’re afraid to move, to change. Change takes some getting used to and can disrupt a perfectly nice comfort zone. So rather than act, we wait for a sign, or the perfect time, or even permission to make our move. And while we’re waiting, there are emails to answer, texts to respond to and that favorite TV show that’s about to air. There are about a zillion more things that call to us to get done, that steal our attention away from what we seek.

The sum of all of those distractions we face everyday costs us our time and eventually if we don’t act somehow, the dream fades, buried by responsibilities and the shuffling of events all designed to maintain the status quo; yes designed. We feather our own nests and prepare our own bed to sleep in. We, no one else, are telling us what to do. We have our own attention and direct it accordingly. We design the space and we move in. We replace our vision for a better, more exciting, life with familiar, repetitive and predictable routine. We get stuck and too comfortable.

Why this happens is the subject of the human condition and our need to join in, be welcomed, somehow belong, and wait our turn. And with that kind of thinking, waiting seems appropriate and so we rationalize that “what is” is okay and our elusive vision of “what if” will somehow happen eventually. The problem with “eventually” is it’s out of our control and we think we need control to change. Not true. Change by its very nature takes away control and sets in motion the disruptive, status quo shattering notion that anything is possible. It’s ignited by action. Any step we take out of the comfort zone, past the daily disruptions and distractions of our current life creates the framework for our new life – A life where it’s our turn to be the hero and not just save the day, but all of the days from now.

Szenippet: The status quo is often the most comfortable place on earth. And when we visit there too long we close the door to the hero within and our own greatness.

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