Open for Business

Open for Business

I’ve been lucky enough to know quite a few business owners – People who started something, some small and some large, that became a real on going business that gave them income and pleasure. I’ve started a few myself with varying degrees of success in traditional terms like market dominance and positive cash flow and profits, but they always had a high degree of personal satisfaction. For many entrepreneurs there is no substitute for ownership, and being one’s own boss.

Being the boss means you get to set the hours you work, the vacation time you spend, the clients you seek and keep and the overall quality of life. Most new start-ups learn pretty quickly that the hours are 24/7, there is no vacation, you’ll take the clients you can get and keep them all if you can and the quality of life often comes down to a word or comment about a job well done. Being the boss means there is no one else to blame for whatever happens: the good and the bad. That ultimate control component turns out to be the biggest motivator and the barometer for gauging and achieving success. Control lets you fail and succeed at will. So why take a chance and do it at all?

People do it because they are driven by something inside that tells them that they were destined to lead, destined to be a player and destined to realize their dreams. Anytime I’m asked by anyone that is thinking about starting their own business I remind them that there is no safety net, guarantee and rarely a second chance. Most new ventures fail. And they fail within the first year or so. But for those that make it to year two or three and beyond, the future can be hopeful and they tend to share a common trait: confidence, and it’s often mistaken for stubbornness and even foolishness.

Confidence, self-assuredness, will power and often, good luck is what makes a business go. The good luck will usually arrive the moment the decision is made to try and often will remain a constant companion for the business owner that stays true to their course. There is something about striving for a dream that creates serial entrepreneurs and women and men on missions to prove that they can do it.

I’m here to tell you that you can do it too and here’s what you need to get started:

A Vision – What and how do you see for yourself and for the people your business serves? Understanding the relationship between what you can bring and what is needed is the critical key. All visions come to fruition when they serve the customer first.

A Support Team – Family, friends and even investors need to see what you see so they can help. They may help with investments, contacts, loans or even prayers. Whatever they want to give to help the cause is HUGE. It means they believe too.

A Chance – The best ideas need a place to germinate and take hold before they blossom. Whatever your idea might be, there has to be a place or a situation where you can test it and nurture it and prove its success. This could be a client that follows you, an inheritance that buys you time, or a loved one that believes that you’re the hero no matter what happens.

Yes it’s a leap, but mostly one of faith. If you believe it. If you see it, and want it enough, it has no choice but to come true. If you need a cheerleader, let me know. Good luck.


Szenippet: Being open to the possibilities means opportunity will knock until you listen. And options will never fade.



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