The Last Resolution

One resolution that lasts forever… We all know when we’re at our best and we all know when we’re not. We are the only ones that know when we try our best and we are the only ones to know when we secretly give up. There is a you inside of you that is stronger and wiser and more forgiving and generous and patient and it is waiting for you to turn the key to activate it. It waits for you to be ready and it knows that you know you can do better. It knows that you have more to give. It knows that you sometimes just go through the motions. This inside being is the essence of all of the talents and gifts that God gave you. You have all of the software to achieve absolute greatness and the blessings of all of those that you love and love you. The better, greater you awaits and now is the time.

My wish for this next year is to get beyond the transient resolutions of not eating too much or eliminating some bad habits to uncork the power you have always had to make a difference but maybe were afraid to use. Now is the time and you have never been more ready to seek your higher self. I pray you find the strength to let it fly; after all, it’s why you’re here. Happy holidays and all days – may they never be the same again.

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