Something New to Believe

Something New to Believe In
From the Szenabling file:
The past is gone and we have records and data and examples and pictures and files plus years and years of memory to show us, remind us and illuminate us on the power of the past to hold us up in the present. What I mean is that our dreams and goals for the future can often be thwarted because we are fighting our own history. We wrongly assume that whatever is going to happen next is based on what we know has already happened before, because that’s all we know about how to make things happen. And when this is the truth we live by, we will and we do repeat the patterns and the practices from the past and then wonder why things stay the same.

Our essential change-making toolbox is our belief system. And thus only new beliefs create change. If we rely on beliefs from back then, and try to apply them to the up and coming we’ll get stopped in our change-making tracks. If we’re not growing or moving into the space and direction we seek, it’s because we don’t believe we can, or should, or deserve to achieve it. If we look inside and check under the hood of our psyche we’ll probably find some limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

These limiting beliefs are tough customers. They have staked a claim on our thinking and they will dig in and fight. They are content with the consistency of our life and predictable patterns and any change is to be avoided, especially change that would unseat them and strip them of their power. But we must try and regain the power and the freedom we were given when we arrived. We need to organize a belief coup. Here’s what we’ll need: Courage, conviction, and consistency.

Courage: Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to work through it and overcome it. Fear is what holds those old limiting beliefs together. There are just a few ways to attack our beliefs and one way is to simply dismantle it; that is to explore why we believe something and ask our self, does this serve us anymore? If not, let it go and we can either change the importance of that old belief and push it down in significance or better yet, replace it with a brand new belief; One that mirrors our future view of life and how we want to see it unfold.

Conviction: Conviction is a firmly held belief in a vision. It is the fuel that can ignite new thinking and create dreams that really come true. Conviction trumps most everything and it can only be catalyzed by a clear vision of how we ultimately see ourselves.

Consistency: To establish new patterns we have to get our brain to make new connections. By repeating thoughts that support our conviction, the brain will fire new synapses and allow neurons to form new links and thought patterns. Repetitious thinking to change future events based on new beliefs is like learning to juggle. At first we can’t do it, but with practice we eventually create the rote brain patterns we need to juggle life’s challenges.

If all of this seems too easy or too good to be true, it’s because we still don’t believe it. So here is a new belief to get us started: The real truth is that the old axiom of “I’ll believe it when I see it” is old thinking and needs to be replaced right now, this very second to “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Believe me now?

Today’s Szenippet: We are what we believe we are. So if we want to change, we need to get something new to believe.

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