Speak Your Peace

Speak Your Peace

From the Szenabling File:

Getting something said that needs to be said for the sake of clarity, honesty, integrity etc. is the simplest of concepts for leading a blessed life. When we open up the communication channel we enable others to know us and we free ourselves from the burden of holding back. Holding back, meaning purposely not saying something that we feel, creates anxiety and stress and it serves no one. It only serves to diminish whatever connection could have/should have been.

Have you been afraid to say something (correcting a lie, explaining a hurt feeling, completing the whole story, or getting something off of your chest etc.) because you may hurt someone’s feelings? We all have, especially as parents we strive to be builders and resist speaking those things that we deem to be unimportant, or just not worth the outcome of pain we believe it could inflict. We hold it in and sometimes the need to speak passes and we feel vindicated for not speaking our piece. I have found this to be a rare occurrence.

More often than not, holding something in builds resentment until at some point later it explodes with the force of all of the pent up opportunities for clearing the air. The recipient will usually say, “Where did that come from?” because it’s new news to them, when of course it’s been brewing inside us for a while. It’s iffy when things get to this point that true peace is achieved. That’s because true peace comes with constant calm not a flourish of confrontation.

Speak your peace as you go and so shall you go in peace. Or as Shakespeare said: “My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart, concealing it, will break.” Will is right. There is no sense in breaking our own hearts.

Szenippet: Letting things go that need to be fixed for too long makes the brokenness the norm.

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