Spine Tingling

Spine Tingling

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

The “lock-down” cost her a whole class day with no way to make it up before graduation. She thought about scaling back the assignments and reading, but understood that in this course nothing could be skipped. Everything matters and all the dots have to be connected. Like an elaborate recipe, how the ingredients interact to each other makes it unique.

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Recently I was fortunate to be able to meet with some new people and some old friends to discuss how to create positive change in our lives. The source of the discussion was the Book of Szen and I was able to recite some of my favorite stories written over the last eight years. As I was preparing the workshop I reviewed a number of different excerpts and re-discovered that there are 5 essential elements necessary to create positive change:

Self-exploration (discovery) – Diving into what we see and understand of ourselves is often the place where true change and a shift in our lives begin. Nothing really surpasses the power of self-discovery when it comes to understanding what’s missing for us.

Perspective (wisdom) – Any newfound insights we may have are passed through our own filtering system. We carry all of our history and regardless of what anyone else may see or say, we alone know what we really believe.

Imagination (vision) – This is one of our greatest gifts and assets for creating a blessed life. Our thoughts on what if and what could be create a sort of internal goalpost when it comes to navigating change. Only after the vision is in focus can the journey begin.

Now (moments in time) – Much has been said and written about being in the now, that moment in time that simply “is.” The now is not fleeting but a constant and allows us infinite time to assimilate and appreciate where we are and what we’re feeling. All change happens in the now.

Energy (Drive) – Nothing at all happens without energy. It is what connects all of us together and to a constantly moving universe that can be persuaded to follow our commands. Energy creates movement and outcomes, invites serendipity, and generally makes miracles happen.

The five essential elements for creating positive change, like the acronym it spells, S.P.I.N.E., control and coordinates our nervous system and every living aspect that allows us to adapt, and enjoy our unique human power to create and make things happen. SPINE also refers to character and serves as a reminder that any of us, or all of us, possess the insights and tools to take emerging dots and connect them in magical ways – to get from wherever we are, to exactly where we want to be.

Szenippet: A tingling in our spine can be a sign of a journey about to begin where new dots emerge and connect in miraculous fashion.

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