Inside Connections

Inside Connections
From the Szenabling file:

Self-reflection often leads to self-revelation. And the reason this happens is that we carry our total history with us and have easy access to memories (not always the short-term ones) and events that have helped shape us into us. These memories often carry clues to our thinking at the time that we actually created the memory. In other words by contemplating the thoughts we were having before something happened, we can determine if those thoughts actually created the event.

By examining our own inside connections and studying the cause and effect nature of what we create for ourselves, we gain insights into how we approach life and what our true beliefs are. This is a valuable exercise, especially when we are experiencing a change in our lives, because it enables us to actually predict what will happen next. That’s right! It’s a truism that we will reap what we sow and those seeds are created by our own thoughts. Plant something positive, we win. Plant something negative and sure enough, we lose.

Sometimes however, we forget to plant at all and we stop thinking about what we may want, and get stuck thinking about what we already have. This creates a repetitive loop that guarantees the same results and reality over and over. As a student, teacher and advocate for positive change I can testify that nothing new will come into our lives until we break the cycle. And once broken, the seeds for change can take root and bring us into our new reality – a reality created from the inside out.

If we explore the feelings we’ve had in our happiest moments, we’ll discover that we (our thoughts) created those moments. So doesn’t it stand to reason that we can duplicate the process and change our lives to whatever we desire? Of course we can. Here are a couple of ideas:

– Wishful thinking and blind faith serves no purpose. In order to attain that which we seek we must believe that we deserve it and then move toward it and take some action to make it happen.

– We must use our own internal compass to set the course. Only we can know our heart’s true desire. If we feel we’re on our right path, we’ll have confidence to pick up the pace and (I’m not sure how this works, but it does) then what we seek will actually move toward us in kind.

– Any seed we plant, regardless of its size, needs to be nurtured in order to bloom. We must mind the soil of our dreams to keep the weeds of doubt away.

Remember that all of the great people in our lives and the laughter and joy that they have brought and continue to bring are with us here and now because some time ago, we thought that’s what we wanted.

And, on a personal note, I’ve been thinking of you for quite a while. Thanks for being in my life.

Szenippet: The key to the future is found when we take responsibility for how we arrived to the here and now.

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