Silent Sequel

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Silent Sequel

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

It had been a couple of years since the book hit the stores and Charlene knew that it was time to write the sequel. She had promised her readers an “end to the story” and now wondered if she was willing to share what really happened. Truth be told and she would be vulnerable, but without it she’d be lost.

And more…

I think there are new chapters and sequels in our lives that we sometimes fail to examine closely. Part of growing and maturing sets us on a path and through a gauntlet of sorts that provides experience, both love and pain, and for sure, nets out a great deal of wisdom. As life progresses, the rules and sometimes the people and places change. And whether we recognize it or not, we’re not the same person we were when we started our journey.

When we turn a chapter in our lives, we’re not always aware that anything has really changed and yet if we study what is in the rearview mirror, we often will see a landscape that looks nothing like the road ahead. The road ahead features the one thing that the past can’t foresee with certainty and that’s the unknown. New places, people and situations to be embraced or avoided are in our path and on our journey with us. And each place or person we encounter has the potential to become a major player in this next season of our lives.

As authors of our own story we can either head in the same circular direction – meeting the tried and true along the way and enjoying the predictability of it all – or we can veer onto a new road where anything can happen. Whatever we choose, we still are growing and both paths offer opportunity to explore; both represent a plot twist to our story. We can either see the same things with new eyes, thereby discovering what we’ve been missing, or we can shift our view to vistas we’ve never seen. Both can fill us up with joy. And at the core of that joy lies truth, and like Charlene, we’d all be lost without it.

Szenippet: Our hearts must cross the bridge between what is and what could be first, and then the rest of us will follow.

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